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Major Projects

Washington Union Station Renovations

Improvements to 50 grade crossings, installation of more than 30 miles of new track, 130,000 new crossties and new signal System.

Baltimore and Potomac (B&P) Tunnel (HNTB)

Develop Preliminary engineering and environment review documentation in compliance with NEPA.

30ᵗʰ Street Renovations

The 30ᵗʰ Street Station Façade Restoration
Project is one of Amtrak’s and the region’s
most significant construction projects. The
scope of the project generally includes the
repair and restoration of all the exterior
surfaces of the building including the east
and west viaducts.

Dock Interlocking Upgrade

Install new CIH, Signal and track improvements so signal control function can be moved to CETC Section B at the New York CETC housed with the Penn Station Control Center (NYPSCC) in Manhattan.

New Jersey High-Speed Rail Program

Installation of 23 miles of signal power cable and C&S conduit; Completion of 2 new Static Frequency Convertors at Metuchen, NJ; Completion of Hamilton Substation; Installation of catenary poles.

State Interlocking Infrastructure

Final design & construction of track, electric traction, signal and civil site work required for a new STATE interlocking on the Harrisburg Line. The scope included upgrade interlocking to allow higher speed moves and upgrade of signal system to NORAC rule 261 for reverse signaling & to operate under NORAC 562.

US 301 Construction

This project involves two miles of 4-lane concrete roadway, erection of levels road bridge, Strawberry Lane bridge, installation of 4 ramps and signal modifications at various intersections.

Newport Viaduct

The bridge spans SR 4, local roads, Amtrak and the Christina River. The bridge and its associated ramps are showing signs of deterioration. The purpose of the SR 141 Newport Viaduct rehabilitation project is to extend the service life of the bridge and to improve ride quality.

St. Georges Bridge Steel Repairs

Replace 45 floor beams that run below the decking and the joint strip seals across the entire 4,209-foot (0.8 miles) span to allow the deck plates to move without creating gaps. 

Moynihan Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Moynihan Project will double the width and length of the West End Concourse (WEC) in Penn Station, New York, install exits to the corners of 8th Avenue (31st and 33rd streets), install a connecting corridor to NYC Transit subway trains and install Life Safety Emergency Ventilation Fans.

Paoli Station Construction

The project will include a new center high level platform, elevators, ramps, a pedestrian overpass, parking lot improvements, ADA improvements to the existing station building, and changes to infrastructure.

Newark Regional Transportation Center

The construction of an enhanced and improved ADA Compliant passenger rail station in Newark,  DE.